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Top 5 Kitchen Inventions

A family-run online retailer of kitchen gadgets and accessories. Founded in 2006, the website features top-quality merchandise from leading manufacturers. The site regularly adds to its product selection. The site has long-standing relationships with vendors and offers the best prices in the industry. The site also has numerous discounts and special offers.
Reiner’s Frywall

The Frywall is a kitchen invention made by Yair Reiner. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, and loves to cook. However, he hates cleaning the stovetop. One day, he accidentally spilled the juice from a duck breast on the stovetop and decided to invent something to help him clean up the mess. He developed a two-part silicone paste to use as a frywall. Within three months, he had a working prototype and began selling his product.
Earl Silas Tupper’s multi-purpose drying caddy

The multi-purpose drying caddy was the brainchild of a small-town boy who had a dream of becoming a millionaire. Tupper was born in 1907 and grew up on a farm in central Massachusetts. He was a tinkerer at heart and was constantly devising new gadgets to make his life easier. He was also a keen inventor, having patented a variety of labor-saving devices.
Earl Silas Tupper’s insulated can cooler

The insulated can cooler is a kitchen invention that allows you to keep your food fresh for longer. It was invented by an American businessman named Earl Silas Tupper. Tupper was born in 1907 in New Hampshire. Growing up, he was fascinated with business and began delivering his family’s products to people’s homes at a young age. Later, he left his engineering job to create a company that produced plastic food containers. He created a process to refine polyethylene slag and developed tough plastic containers. His inventions eventually became household items and included water-tight lids and airtight seals. His invention helped him increase his family’s income through door-to-door sales of his products.
Earl Silas Tupper’s Franklin stove

The Franklin stove is the most popular stove in history, and it is still in use today. Earl Tupper was born in 1907 in New Hampshire, where he lived with his family. His father operated a tree-surgeon business. He also created numerous household gadgets, including a clothes-washing exercise cylinder and a folding stove. In his spare time, Tupper would work on his next invention.
Christine Daws’ multi-purpose drying caddy

Christine Daws has created a revolutionary drying device that is easy to use in a variety of ways, from knitting to crochet. The device is made from a wirework basket and can hold various items, including yarn, knitting needles, and crochet cotton. Christine worked with leading invention development company Innovate Product Design to develop her idea and commercialise it. She licensed the Multi-Purpose Drying Caddy to KitchenCraft, a British retailer.
Earl Silas Tupper’s electric mixer

Earl Silas Tupper was a dreamer, tinkerer, and innovator. He was always coming up with new ideas to improve the ways we live. He aspired to become an inventor and a millionaire. Earl Tupper was born in 1907 and grew up on a farm in central Massachusetts. His father operated the farm without much success.

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